Hillsdale Location

The OG…our flagship store…our heart! In the heart of Hillsdale.

This is our first store but in its second location. We began in 2011 in a tiny shop off Barbur Blvd and in early January of 2017, smack in the middle of s snow storm, we relocated to Hillsdale. We have been blessed with an amazing community that truly supports small businesses and reducing and reusing. Being able to fill that need for the neighborhood and beyond has been wonderful. Watching families grow and getting to know them has been the cherry on top!

We are located at the Hillsdale Shopping Center behind Ida Barnett-Wells High School. Right next door to The Cakery. So many great small businesses to support here!

In this store you will find:

Excellent condition clothing and accessories for women and children, maternity clothing and nursing wear, shoes for all, baby gear, diapering and safety items, blankets and swaddlers, toys, games, puzzles books and so much more!

You can easily reach us by many bus lines: #39, #44, #45, #46, #54, #55, #56, #61, #64

Call us at 503-548-4668 or email us directly at hootnanniepdx@gmail.com/ If we haven’t yet met you, come on in and see how great shopping secondhand can really be!