General Guidelines

  • We take clothing in for processing during store hours Tuesday thru Saturday.  No appointment needed.  We do NOT take items in on Sundays and Mondays or Holidays.
  • We will accept 2 grocery size bags or 1 bin per visit which does not include any larger gear items.
  • You can choose 30% in store credit or consign your items for 40% paid as cash or credit as items sell.
  • We begin looking at each season 10 days prior to that season being placed on the sales floor. We will occasionally take an item out of season but any item we accept in the off season will be held until it’s time for them to go out and may be subject to consignment option only.
  • Season Acceptance Schedule:

    Spring – February 20th
    Summer – April 20th
    Fall – July 20th
    Halloween – August 20th
    Winter/Snow Gear – September 20th
    Holiday Items – October 20th

  • We STOP taking items in for trade or consignment 1 week prior to accepting the new season. This allows us to prepare for the next season. Please see our news page for exact dates.
  • Periodically we must limit intake on certain items and/or sizes, but usually just for a short period of time. Just because we can’t take it one month, doesn’t mean that we won’t take it the next. We will do our best to let you know if there is an item we would love to have you bring back at a later date.
  • All items should be stylish, in excellent condition, stain-free, smoke-free and freshly laundered. Please button the buttons, snap the snaps and zip the zippers. If an item requires batteries, so do we.
  • Pet fur is a big issue for those that are allergic to animals. We know those little stinkers like to get into the laundry basket or boxes that are being stored so be sure and keep your freshly laundered items pet hair free by sealing boxes, bins or bags. If we see pet hair on items we will not be able to take them.
  • Any item that we price over $25.00 will be consigned. These are higher priced, riskier items and are not eligible for instant store credit. However, it works great for you because they pay out at the higher rate of 40% and can be utilized as cash or credit!
  • Certain items will be taken on consignment only. These items include: Maternity items, cloth diapers, costumes and outerwear. High risk items, meaning items that we are not sure will sell well but are willing to give it a shot, are subject to consignment as well.
  • We now take Women’s clothing and accessories on a consignment only basis.
  • Items we are not able to take are returned to you unless you would like us to donate them for you. We have been giving to the West Women & Children’s Shelter for several years and they are so grateful for the outpouring of items that aid those utilizing their emergency shelter.
  • If items have been left on a drop n’ run basis, we prefer items to be picked up by the end of the day or no later than the end of the next day. We reserve the right to donate items that have not been collected in a timely fashion.
  • During large sale events, we are unable to take clothing in for processing. Please check our calendar for upcoming events.
  • Return policy: items must be returned within 7 days and include the original tags and receipts. Returns will be paid out in store credit only.