Pre-School Finder

Thanks the the work of local mamas pooling information together we have complied a list of local area schools to check out when it is time!

School Address Min. Age Co-Op Full Day? Notes Potty Trained? PM only options
Acorns to Oaks 8135 SW 46th Ave. 2 n n n n
Burlingame Preschool 4729 SW Taylors Ferry Rd 2.5 y n n
Cedar Hills Preschool 11695 SW Park Way 3 y n y y
Cedarwood 3030 SW Second Ave. n y
Child’s View 4729 SW Taylor’s Ferry Road 3 n y Montessori
Dove Christian Preschool 7555 SW 45th Ave 3 n n christian n
Education Imagination 8635 SW Cashmur Lane Ste. B 2 n y
Foundation School 2900 SW Peaceful Lane 1 n y Jewish
Funny Farm Early Learning 7475 SW Oleson Road 3 n y  y
Gabriel Park Preschool 5815 SW Gillcrest Court 2 y n parents help 2 times/month n
Happy Hollow 4455 SW 99th Beaverton 2.5 n y Beaverton/SW border
Hilltop 5700 SW Dosch Road 3 n y day ends at 4:00, christian n
Jenni and Tommy Kids Unplugged 11300 SW Bull Mountain Road 3 n n Tigard y y
Joyful Noise City Kids 1120 SW 5th Avenue n y
Kindercare 1400 SW 5th Ave. Suite 100 n y other locations in metro area
L’etoile 5839 SW Hood Ave 2.5 n y immersion y
Little Artists 7688 SW Capitol HWY 3 n n At Multnomah Arts Center y y
Little Lambs 3405 SW Alice Street 3 n y christian
Little Scholars-John’s Landing 0244 SW Dakota Street y full day only, no part time rates
Little Scholars-SW 8235 SW 4th Avenue y full day only, no part time rates
Lotus Heart Preschool 5406 SW Iowa n n play based/waldorf n
Maayan Day School 2900 SW Peaceful Lane 2 n y day ends 3:30, Jewish
Multnomah Playschool  5500 SW Dosch  3 y n  Portland’s Oldest Co-Op y  y
My Bundle of Joy-SW 7909 SW Crestline Drive y full day only, no part time rates
My Bundle of Joy-Burlingame 8331 SW 3rd Avenue y full day only, no part time rates
Playschool at Mountain Park 2 Mt. Jefferson Terrace 1.5 n y edge of lake oswego/SW PDX
Portland Jewish Academy 6651 SW Capitol Hwy 2 n y Jewish
Portland Kinderschule 68 SW Miles Street 3 y n immersion, 2.5 year olds w permission n
Portland Montissori Collaborative 4817 SW 53rd Ave n y n n
small friends 7475 SW Oleson Road 3 y n 1-2 times/month n
Small Friends School 7475 SW Oleson Road 3 n n n n
Sprout 6820 SW 45th Avenue 3 n n At SW Community Center y
St. Clare 1812 SW Spring Garden St 0 n y
Sunny Hills 7400 SW. Scholls Ferry Rd 2 n
Sunstone Montessori 6318 SW Corbett Ave 1 n y min age 15 months
SW Parent Child Collective 6053 SW 55th Drive 1 y n parents there 1 day/week n n
The Gan 6612 SW Capitol Highway 1 n y Jewish
The Playground at St V’s 9427 SW Barnes Road 0 n y other locations in metro area
Touchstone 7090 SW Fir Loop 2.5 n y
Valley Christian 8060 SW Brentwood 2 n n Christian
Vermont Hills-St Andrew 3228 SW Sunset Blvd. n y Not church affiliated n
Vermont Hills-St. Luke 6835 SW 46th Ave n y Not church affiliated n
Vermont Hills-Vet hospital 3710 SW U.S. Veteran’s Hospital Rd. n y
Village Preschool of Portland 9750 SW Terwilliger Blvd 3 y n parents help 5-6 times/year y n
West Hills Learning Center 7339 SW Capitol Hwy n y starts at 8 months
West Hills Montessori 4920 SW Vermont Street 1 n y toddlers in Lake Oswego n
Wildwood Preschool 7426 SW 53rd Avenue 3 n n y n
Woodhaven 8470 SW Oleson Rd 3 y n parents in 1 time ever 3-4 weeks
Youngset co-op 1838 SW Jefferson 3 y n

*feel free to email us with any updates or additions you may find!
We love supporting these wonderful programs that support all the Portland littles out there!