Barnes Closure

Sadly our Barnes location has been closed permanently. It was not a decision that was taken lightly. It has been arduous and emotional but it was a business decision that needed to be made as it was just not doing well.

The closure was announced on social media and in a newsletter that went out to those who checked the box on their consignor agreement giving us permission to add you to our email list. We have over 900 consignors at the Barnes location alone, so reaching out to each person individually was not an option. We are sorry if you are finding out the news suddenly by coming to an empty store.

I gave it my best for the last 2 years but it is just not a location that allows a business like this to thrive. We have opened a new location in Progress Ridge that will do much better and serve more families, giving optimal chance for our consignor’s items to sell. We are thrilled and sad at the same time.


The inventory from Barnes has been carefully selected and divided amongst both remaining stores depending on where I feel it will sell the best. After all, the goal of consignment is to have your items sell.

ALL ACTIVE ITEMS have been extended to the end of the year to give them time to be transferred and sell at their new location.

Consignors who have ONLY consigned at Barnes will be eligible to request a check to be mailed instead of going to the location where the items were transferred to.

If you are currently a consignor at Hillsdale or Progress, you can collect your funds or use them as store credit by stopping in during store hours as usual.

After 1/1/2023, please first inquire to see if there are any unsold items remaining and if so, we can either extend them again if they are seasonally appropriate or schedule a time for you to pick them up at your preferred location.

If you have any further questions, please email me directly as I will be handling all the Barnes accounts. Send inquires to and I will pull up your account and get back to you as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience with my staff and for your understanding and continued support.

Tina Donnaloia, Owner