Who We Are

A Hoot-n-History:

Hoot-n-Annie was opened by two close friends in October of 2006 with a goal of offering Portland families a truly unique alternative to traditional children’s resale. In 2009, a great little family took over and after a few years in their loving hands, Hoot-n-Annie was passed on to two savvy Moms who were long time friends and shared a passion for family, community and the environment. With a new look to incorporate themselves as individuals into the store, 5 years of hard work and determination and literal blood, sweat and tears, the store became a great success.  With their friendship strong and full of support for one another, one partner has left to grow their family and pursue a new career, while the other will continue the store’s long tradition of treating their customers as friends, selling high quality stylish children and maternity items and making it all affordable.

The store has been relocated into the heart of Hillsdale and is in full bloom. Hoot-n-Annie has become one of Portland’s top resale stores due to the owner-operated philosophy, attention to detail, style and price ranges offered, organizational skills and excellent customer service!  Hoot-n-Annie customers, family and friends deserve a big shout out for being so supportive of this mama run local business!  Without all of you, there would be no Hoot-n-Annie Children’s Resale Boutique!


Tina Donnaloia:

I am a Portland native and a Mother of 4 from ages 23 to 7.  Having gone thru every child development stage and surviving, I know how wonderful and hectic family life can be. That is precisely why this lovely picture my youngest drew will act as our family portrait until I can wrangle all of us in one place at the same time for a real one!  Besides, that dress is amazing!  My husband A.G. and I have enjoyed being equal partners in life and parenting for over 20 years and our family home is filled with love, discovery, whining, laughter and lots of music! As a family we are very social and enjoy spending time with friends and family, exploring our constantly changing city, making messes while baking in the kitchen, trips to the beach and cuddling on the couch with a good movie! My favorite thing about children is their individuality and unique personalities.   At an early age they know what they like and don’t like and I love to listen to them talk and express themselves.  I am excited about helping them share their style with the world and helping make my customer’s lives easier by having everything they need all in one place! Looking forward to meeting you!





Leah is a Hoot-n-Annie veteran, working all thru her pregnancy and after a little break came right back at it!  She is now our store manager and her love for the shop shines thru in her hard work and dedication and believes wholeheartedly in us.  She is the Mama Bear of the shop just like she is at home to her beautifully blended family of 6.  This fountain of knowledge is just waiting to help answer any questions you have!









Nichole comes to us with lots of retail experience and the sweetest disposition ever!!  Her little one just turned 2 and is giving Nichole LOTS of experiences to gush about and commiserate with other mamas!  Nichole is social, adventurous and loves spending time with family and friends. She is the mama group queen and knows just about every fun play date spot and park in the whole Portland area! Looking for someplace fun to go? She has all the deets! Plus loads of Mama advice that comes straight from the heart!







Kate has been here for a year now and can be found behind the register, straightening up the store or steaming all the adorable things that hit the racks each day! She is a PSU grad with a background in special education and childcare. She makes the most of her free time with lots of adventures and LOVES Halloween and all things Disney! She adds a special touch to our displays because she loves our books and toys as much as the kiddos do!  Kate is happy to help you pick out something your little one will adore!








Lauren has been with us for over 3 years and has been an absolute gem!  She has lived in the Hillsdale area her whole life and loves calling SW Portland her home!  Lauren has recently taken the plunge into small business ownership and will only be at the shop on a fill-in basis. We have loved having her an original memeber of the Hoot-n-Annie time and will miss her greatly but we are all wishing her the best for great business success!  You may see her out and about in the community so be sure and say hi if you run into her or if you luck out seeing her here at the shop!