Consignment Terms

We feel like too much info is better than not enough
when it comes to your belongings and understanding store policies.
So here is the nitty gritty:

  • We process items Tuesday thru Saturday and except two grocery sized bags or 1 bin per visit. We can typically go thru items on the spot so you can wait and browse or run an errand and pop back by before we close! If you are donating the items that we are not able to consign, you can go on with your day and we can email you and let you know how many items we took and when they expire.
  • We do NOT take items on Sundays and Mondays or Holidays.
  • Your accepted items will be on consignment for 60 days. If you choose to donate the items that do not sell, you don’t need to do anything further other than check your balance.
  • If you wish to have your items back after the consignment period ends, please mark your calendar to retrieve them. You have a 10 day grace period after the consignment period is over to pick up your items.  We will give you a slip with the number of items taken and the date that they expire.  We recommend putting this info in your phone or on your fridge.
  • You may choose 40% check or 40% store credit or a combination of both after the item sells. You do not have to wait for your consignment period to be over before collecting funds or using credit. Anytime you have a balance you are welcome to utilize it. The funds in your account do not expire.
  • Check payouts are issued in person. You can request a check anytime you have a balance. If you have active items on your account, we will not issue checks for less than $10.00. Once you consignment period is over, you can request a check regardless of your balance. Check payouts will not be mailed unless the consignor resides outside of the Portland metro area.
  • Due to the high volume of both consignors and items, we are unable to notify you when an item sells. You may call or come in at any time to inquire about your account.
  • When you come in to pick up your remaining/expired items, we will pull them for you. Calling ahead would be great! Don’t call too far ahead as the items may have had a chance to sell while they are waiting for you. The day before or same day is perfect.
  • After the grace period, items will become property of Hoot-n-Annie to donate or discount.
  • We may consign any item per our discretion, depending on value and risk.
  • Any item valued over $25 will be automatically consigned. Maternity items and cloth diapers are also consignment only.
  • We are now accepting women’s clothing on consignment. Our women’s section will remain small as children’s clothing is our passion. You may bring in 1 grocery sized bag per visit in combination, not in addition, to your other items.
  • We prefer to take items that can go out right away. On occasion and as storage allows, we may take items for the next season. Any off season items that are accepted are subject to consignment as well. They will be listed under your account with the appropriate expiration date and stored until it is time to put out that season.
  • We reserve the right to discount seasonal items at the end of the season. We may also extend the expiration date and pack it away until that season comes around again. Remember the earlier you bring your items in for that season, the better chance they will have at selling for full price.
  • We reserve the right to put any item on sale or donate per our discretion at any time if it is deemed necessary based on flaw, function, low interest or end of season.
  • When accepting larger items it is dependent our current inventory and available space. If you are unsure or want to save yourself a trip, please feel free to call ahead of time or to email us a photo of the item.